From the recording "LIFE, LOVE & MUSIC"

Nah Tek No Program

Richie Flo teams up with legendary producer, Christopher Birch, to create a thought provoking dancehall anthem, “Nah Tek No Program”. The song written by Richie Flo, speaks on the need to be spiritually and mentally strong in the face of adversities. The idea came from observing the current modern societal issues and the decrease of moral values. The inspiration comes from the teachings of Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther king and Malcolm X who insisted people stand up for their beliefs.

Richie Flo created waves in 2015 with his song, “Baby” and has released a number of songs since then including: “Favourite Kush”, “Fall in love”, “Control Me” and “Hard Times”. The music videos for “Hard Times” & “Baby” can be currently viewed on YouTube. “Nah Tek No Program” is a single from Richie Flo’s upcoming debut album entitled, “Life, Love & Music”. This album will express Richie Flo’s thoughts and experiences on life, love and music.

“Nah Tek No Program” will be distributed by VPAL Music. The release date is May 11, 2018 and will be available on iTunes, Amazon and all other online music stores.
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