From the recordings Press Gas and Press Gas

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Richie Flo has teamed up with legendary producer, Christopher Birch, on his newest single, “Press Gas”. The track, is about moving towards goals and putting in the work to accomplish one’s dreams. “Press Gas” will be part of Richie Flo’s upcoming EP, “St. Thomas Mi Born and Grow”. The catchy dancehall track is easy to sing along and dance to and will definitely be a favourite on many people’s playlists.
With the aim of inspiring and motivating, the chorus “Press gas, watch how mi gone fast, mi nah live inna di past, when wi use to poor”. The message is to persevere from adversities to accomplish a meaningful life. The verse starts, “Press gas! Nah stop! Haffi get it zero to di max yeah. Nuff si di flo dem was fi stop wi. Dem wah fi set mi limit, weh di cop deh?” The mantra of overcoming obstacles no mater how difficult is echoed throughout the song. This is a life lesson from Richie Flo’s upbringing where he was encouraged to strive for the best in anything he did.
Richie Flo has released a number of songs over the years. His 14-track album, “Life, Love & Music”, was released in 2019 which was quite the accomplishment for the independent artist. In 2020, Richie Flo released, “Trouble”, a social commentary about the current problems around the world.
“Press Gas” will be distributed by Tunecore. The release date is March 30, 2021 and will be available on all music stores and streaming platforms.